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Welcome to the Official Website of SMA Martia Bhakti Bekasi ! As one of SSN, moving class and SKS system schools in Bekasi,

We are proud to serve you in solving your educational problems, directing your choice for better future and coping with financial difficulties by providing relevant scholarship.

You will feel at home as our teachers and staffs are all of competent and dedicated persons with full of hospitality. We will help you make your dreams come true.In the coming decade, all Indonesian students should prepare themselves with the global changes of educational background based on IT learning and English as the daily classroom language.

We will also help you  refresh your mindset, from the traditional way of thinking into the more encouraging, chalenging as well as practical solution. To meet that requirement, the SSN classes have been fully equipped with LCD Projector, laptop, loudspeaker for listening programs,  bilingual teachers and textbooks as well. Not just that, we also cooperate with dozens of famous universities like UI, UNJ, UNPAD, ITB,UGM, UNY, UIN etc. Furthermore, relationship with sister schools of foreign countries is on the way.

Our school is situated in a condusive area not so far from Bekasi and lies on   Jalan Jenderal Sudirman Km. 32,in Bekasi regency with ease transportation and firmed security.

If you care for your future, be our family and join us at the next entrance test which will be held in May, 2011. Be informed or you will be left behind.